Custom packaging

Are you in need of custom packaging? Our custom packaging and shipping services utilize the best corrugated containers and boxes to help with all your shipping needs. In addition to packing and crating services, some customer prefer a more economical way to pack and ship, and utilize our double wall corrugated fiberboard that is comprised of three sheets of liner board and two mediums in between.

Custom packaging is a less expensive alternative to our custom wood crates, but still provide excellent protection for fragile items you need protected for your shipping services. We offer a variety of specialized cushioning for each and every pack and ship job we do. Just offering a custom packing service is not enough. We customize your container and make sure the quantity and density of the polyethylene or polyurethane foams we use are designed based on the packing and crating services our clients need. We also offer moisture barrier packing, anti-static packaging, cushioning, and barriers to prevent electrostatic discharges from damaging sensitive items such as computer chips, electronic assemblies, circuit boards and other electrical components. Maine crating services are always looking to exceed our customers custom packaging needs.